EMulate® Therapeutics Announces Multiple Presentations on the Voyager and Hælo® systems

At the Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ November 20 and 23

EMulate Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage therapeutic device company developing non-invasive treatments for cancers and other serious diseases, announced it will have 5 poster presentations related to its medical devices for treating adult and pediatric brain cancers at the upcoming 24th Annual Society for Neuro-Oncology SNO Meeting in Phoenix, beginning on November 20 .

Two posters will be presented by Mike Butters, EMulate’s co-founder, at the affiliated SNO-SCIDOT Joint Conference on Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS on Wednesday, November 20 at 5-7 pm. One poster describes the ability of the magnetic field of the device to penetrate the entire brain. The other poster provides early data to demonstrate that specific signals, referred to as cognates, can elicit differential behavioral responses in live animals.

Three poster presentations at the annual SNO meeting on Saturday, 23rd November, will provide updated data on the use of the Voyager ulRFE® system for treatment of patients with recurrent and newly diagnosed glioblastoma (GBM) and of the Hælo system to treat diffuse midline glioma (DMG), including diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).

The EMulate Voyager and Hælo systems appear to be safe for the treatment of adult and pediatric brain cancers; no serious device-related adverse events were reported. Additionally, the data from these feasibility studies suggest the EMulate Voyager and Hælo systems have clinical utility for the treatment of brain cancers and warrant further study in pivotal studies. Copies of the posters will be available at the EMulate exhibit table #312 at the SNO Conference.

Chris Rivera, EMulate Therapeutics President and Chief Executive Officer, made the announcement stating, “This year will mark our most active involvement in presenting clinical data and scientific technology regarding our proprietary Voyager and Hælo systems.”

Rivera added “Our novel technology has the potential to transform the way we treat cancer. With these encouraging data in hand, we will continue to develop the EMulate Voyager system for the treatment of GBM and the Hælo system for the treatment of DMG/DIPG, with the aim to expand the underlying technology to additional indications in the future.”

Most recently, EMulate announced it had entered into an exclusive agreement for the distribution in India of the company’s proprietary systems for treatment of patients with selected brain cancer indications – both recurrent and newly diagnosed GBM and DMG/DPIG. The exclusive distributor is Sayre Therapeutics (Sayre), a Bangalore, India-based company that provides access to differentiated medical solutions to patients and clinicians in emerging markets by identifying high unmet needs across the healthcare continuum. The agreement with Sayre is EMulate’s second agreement with a highly-regarded international firm, the first being with Teijin Limited for the territory of Japan for the treatment of GBM.
EMulate will once again support the Annual SNO Conference at the Benefactor Sponsor Level.

About EMulate Therapeutics
Headquartered in Seattle, EMulate Therapeutics® is a clinical-stage therapeutic device company. EMulate has invented and patented a groundbreaking technology that utilizes precisely targeted ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®) to specifically regulate metabolic pathways on the molecular and genetic levels – without chemicals, radiation or drugs – delivered via a simple-to-use non-sterile, non-invasive, non-thermal, non-ionizing investigational device. The company’s goal is to transform disease treatment on a global scale with ulRFE, which can potentially be applied to a wide range of medical conditions as well as to veterinary medicine and non-medical applications. EMulate’s initial focus is on the treatment of patients with brain cancer, who are not well served by conventional standard of care therapies, which often result in poor outcomes and devastating side effects. Pre-clinical work is focused on exploring new applications in oncology. In addition, EMulate’s Voyager system for adults with GBM and its Hӕlo pediatric system are investigational medical devices in clinical development.

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