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Nativis Announces Engagement of Strategic Financial Advisory Firm Outcome Capital, LLC

SEATTLE – October 3, 2017 – Nativis, Inc., a clinical stage life science bio-electronics company developing non-invasive, safe and highly effective treatments for cancers and other serious diseases, today announced the engagement of Outcome Capital, LLC to assist in devising corporate and financing strategy going forward.

Chris E. Rivera, Nativis president and chief executive officer, announced the agreement which will allow Outcome Capital to assist in financings that will support the firm’s expanded clinical trials and identifying additional disease indications for treatment.

“Our clinical data supports expansion into additional brain cancer patients,” said Rivera. “In order to meet our strategic plan of moving forward with the initial focus on the treatment of patients with brain cancer – recurrent and newly diagnosed glioblastoma – and into other areas such as pre-clinical work for melanoma, lung cancer, inflammatory disease and acute and chronic pain, we will need additional funding. Nativis has raised over $60 million to date, and Outcome Capital will take us to that next level of funding for our anticipated expansion of operations.”

Outcome Capital is a global investment banking firm that provides strategic and transactional advisory services to boards and management teams seeking to carve out a path to liquidity or to raise growth capital.

“We are in a remarkable time in cancer medicine where an increasing number of patients are treated with immunotherapy. We believe that Nativis has developed a novel and disruptive therapeutic modality with the promise to non-pharmacologically reproduce the effect of checkpoint inhibition and other biological activity, with potential applications across multiple indications,” said Oded Ben-Joseph, Ph.D., Managing Director, Outcome Capital.

Earlier this year, Nativis announced an exclusive license agreement with Teijin Limited of Japan for the development and commercialization of Nativis’ proprietary ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®) technology for the potential treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) in the Japanese market. Teijin Limited is a comprehensive Japanese company expanding businesses in high-performance materials, pharmaceuticals, home healthcare, product converting and information technology.

Nativis also recently announced it would engage a soon-to-be named independent clinical research organization to manage its expanded clinical program in GBM.

About Nativis, Inc.
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, Nativis is a clinical-stage bio-electronics company. Nativis has invented and patented a groundbreaking technology that utilizes precisely targeted, ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®) to specifically regulate metabolic pathways on the molecular and genetic levels – without chemicals, radiation or drugs – delivered via a simple-to-use non-invasive investigational device called Nativis Voyager®. The company’s goal is to transform disease treatment on a global scale with ulRFE, which can potentially be applied to a wide range of conditions and other health-related needs (including agriculture, bio-fuels and veterinary medicine, to name a few). Nativis’ initial focus is on the treatment of patients with brain cancer (initially, glioblastoma), who are not well served by conventional standard of care therapies, which often result in poor outcomes and devastating side effects. Additional pre-clinical work is being completed for melanoma, lung cancer, liver cancer, inflammatory disease and pain. Nativis Voyager® ulRFE® System for GBM is an investigational medical device, limited by United States law to investigational use only.

About Outcome Capital
Outcome Capital is a unique investment banking firm that provides middle-market growth companies in the life sciences, health care services and technology markets with a value-added approach to merger, acquisition and corporate finance advisory services. The firm utilizes its proven approach to value enhancement by assisting boards and management teams in navigating both the financial and strategic markets and in implementing the best path for success. Outcome Capital’s strength stems from its unique ability to draw on its wide range of operational, strategic and private equity experience, its expertise across the value building life-cycle, and its broad industry relationships. The professionals at Outcome Capital take pride in their ability to help their clients to make well-informed strategic decisions and recognize the full value created by their vision.

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